Question 1: What kind of organization is Dwelling Place Cleansing?
Answer 1: Dwelling Place Cleansing, LLC is a New York faith-based organization that provides educational services and products to families, especially families of faith.

Q2: What is dwelling place spiritual cleansing?
A2: It is a worship ritual or exercise that removes former dwellers histories, curses, and desecration from a dwelling as well as the site the dwelling sits on. For a full understanding read the text book: Dwelling Place Spiritual Cleansing.

Q3: What is Business and Office spiritual cleansing.
A3: Some businesses are not successful because of spiritual reasons, so a special cleansing ritual is applied to business and business offices clearing the way to overcome barriers so that they can prosper. Certain spiritual laws, if not followed, can cause a business to wither on the vine.

Q4: How can I get my dwelling place spiritually cleansed?
A4: If you are a person of faith, you can order the cleansing kit from this site and do it yourself, or have a spiritual authority lead the cleansing for you (see the text book for full explanation). In some States like: NY, NJ, CT we could send a team to your home or business. Purchase the service on this website. In time we will have offices in other States.

Q5: If I do spiritual cleansing for my new place, what time should I do it?
A5: You should have the cleansing done before you move into your new place to live, or shortly after you move in to live (say in the first two months).

Q6: Should I still get my dwelling spiritually cleansed if I have been living in it for a long time?
A6: It does not matter how long you have been living at your place, now that you know about spiritual cleansing you should get it done.

Q7: If I have my new dwelling spiritually cleansed, do I also need to do housewarming?
A7: You do not need to plan for housewarming if you are doing spiritual cleansing; it can be incorporated in the cleansing celebration (see the text book).

Q8: How is spiritual cleansing different from house warming and house dedication?
A8: Spiritual cleansing covers all three and more. Furthermore, it is not onetime celebration; it is done annually (see the text book).

Q9: Can I become a Spiritual Consultant and lead cleansing celebration for a fee?
A9: Yes, if you are a serious person of faith, you can be trained, certified and licensed as an independent contractor (see the text book). You can do the training from the website.